Monday, 5 September 2016

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is a character most seen in the Thor stories. There hasn't been a live action movie appearance of him so far but we think he's a very interesting open subject and knowing MCU's taste for epic battles he might come up in the future.

Beta Ray Bill's story starts when he gets chosen as champion of his people the Korbinite. Their home galaxy got destroyed and it was Beta Ray Bill's duty to find a new home for his people.
One day he and his ship 'the Skuttlebutt' got on SHIELD radars. Thor got send out by SHIELD to investigate the situation.

Thor saw Beta Ray Bill was the only living creature on the ship and Beta Ray Bill was really defensive so when they saw each other they started to fight. A moment appeared in the fight where Thor lost Mjolnir and this is where the epic part starts. Beta Ray Bill tries to pick up the hammer and it works! Mjolnir finds him worthy and Beta Ray Bill gets the power of Thor, God of Thunder.

When this happens Odin transports both back to Asgard. Bill wants to keep Mjolnir claiming that he won the hammer fair and square but Thor resist furiously. Odin decides that this can only be resolved in a battle to the dead. Bill won the fight and for a moment there it looks like he's about to finish Thor. The fact that he's worthy kind off goes hand in hand with him being a descend person so he spares Thor.
Pleased with the result of the fight (Bill showing him being worthy and Thor being reminded that he isn't invincible) Odin commands the dwarfs to forge Stormbreaker. A new equal  hammer to Mjolnir and from this point on Beta Ray Bill returns frequently in the comic books to assist Thor or help Asgard while continuing his search trough out the galaxy for a new home planet.

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