Sunday, 25 September 2016

breaking the 4th wall

Today we'll be talking about a concept which is called 'breaking the fourth wall'. People who read a lot of Deadpool might already know what this means, I think it's really funny if you want to do some light reading.

When we read a comic we view a page. We'll always see three walls, for instance when Deadpool is in a room facing us we'll see the wall behind him and the two walls on his side. The forth wall normally is imaginary since we wouldn't be able to see the character if there would be a actual wall.
Some Marvel characters however are able to 'break the fourth wall'. Which is a concept that was first experimented with in theater when the actors in a play would talk to the public.
Deadpool sometimes faces you (the reader) and starts talking to you. You can see a example below! In some comic's he's even aware that he is a comicbook character!

Other characters like Loki and She-Hulk have been known to do it. I think it's a funny style of writing and like it, other people might say that it kind of ruins the 'realness' of the story, find out for yourself and read some Deadpool.

By the way Deadpool also does it in his movie franchise!

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