Sunday 18 September 2016


Many do not know this, mainly because the films of blade were made way before the Marvel universe became such a big hit but Blad is a Marvel character!
In the movies we see him as a full fledged vampire killing machine but they never really explain his origin story. Today's post will be about how blade became the vampire hunter we all know.

Blade's mother was a prostitute who became pregnant. Having trouble during labor she was forced to search a doctor's assistance but bad luck was upon this woman since the doctor who she trusted was an imposter vampire called Deacon Frost.
When she was giving birth Frost feasted on her flesh passing on a series of enzymes that altered her baby. Since he wasn't really bitten by the vampire he became a Dhampir which gave him some of the pro's on being a vampire but non of the con's. Frost was chased away before he could kill the baby.
As you can read Eric Brooks (Blade's real name) was born in a dark and bloody world.

He was raised in the brothel where his mother used to work. It was in the year where he became nine years old that he realized he was special. Walking home one night he saw an older man being attacked by a vampire. The kid rushed in and chased away the creature. The man he saved was no one less than the famous Jamal Afari, a well known Jazz musician and a dangerous enemy of the undead. Jamal learned the boy everything he knew and became his mentor but despite the man's efforts Blade walked a few miles on the dark path in his teenage years.

He joined the street gang called the Bloodshadows. He claimed leadership after defeating the previous leader and took his wife and title from him. Later a vampire Lamia attacked Blade's girlfriend and when he slew the monster he realized what his purpose was in life. This is when he truly became the vampire slayer we all know.

In later stories he faces off against great enemies who include Dracula and the reaper. He also teams up with Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Punisher and Ghost rider. A fun character with a lot of great stories!

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