Wednesday, 14 September 2016

World War Hulk

World War Hulk is a huge subject to write about. I won't bore you guy's with a huge post containing every little detail about the comic event but I will talk about the subject because every real Marvel fan should know about this series of comic books!

Basically the series is about Hulk facing of against almost every other Marvel hero ever written about. But how does this even start? What makes the Hulk so mad that he has the power to overthrow even professor X and the Hulk Buster?
It all starts when Hulk is banished from the planet earth by the illuminatie. He lands on a planet called 'Sakaar' where he was first enslaved as a gladiator but soon he rebelled against the masters of the planet who chained him and made a few friends who helped him. They overthrew the masters and took control and soon Hulk became king of the planet. Later he married and truly found sanctuary as his people really loved him.

Happy stories rarely last forever and a few years later Hulk's planet gets blown to bits killing all his people, his wife and his unborn child. Hulk is blinded by anger and stronger than ever since the blast didn't kill him so he takes a spaceship to earth. He blames the illuminatie for the tragedie and demands that all members come to New York and the city gets evacuated. First he defeats Blackbolt who's a member of the illuminatie and goes to the X-mansion to confront professor X. Xavier was part of the illuminatie but wasn't around when they decided to abandon Hulk but he does admit that he would have voted yes if he was. Lot's of x-men try to fight Hulk without succes. Hulk continues to Manhattan where he faces Iron Man, Ghostrider, the Avengers, The Fantastic four and even Docter Strange (Who's hands he crushes). Hero after hero meets defeat against the raging monster.

Later Hulk decides to spare the members of the illuminatie but he will destroy New York and leave them in their shame. The whole story takes a twist when the bug-like friend of Hulk who lived with him on Sakaar appears and reminds Hulk that he is a warrior, not a peace maker. Later Meek also reveals he knew Sakaar was going to blow up and that he was responsible for it. Hulk made an end to Meek the traitor and than admits defeat against all the earthlings. After this he was put in a coma like form by Tony Stark.

If you haven't read this you should! It's fun to see all those heroes going toe to toe with Hulk. A good read guaranteed!

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