Wednesday 31 August 2016


First off. If you don't want any spoilers about the Doctor Strange movie at all, stop reading because this post might be a potential spoiler. For everybody who likes to be ahead off people, read on!    

Okay guys, this week we'll be telling you about Dormammu. This is a well known foe of Doctor Strange. The reason I chose him as a subject is because some leaked info about the MCU adaption of Doctor strange claiming that the doctor might confront Dormammu in the movie. This is kind off a big deal since we only knew about Baron Mordo being a villain in the movie so far.
If you want to read the specifics about the leaked info you can click here.

We won't be telling the whole course Dormammu took trough Marvel History since he's a big villain and appears quit a lot but We'll tell you all about his origins and how he got involved with Strange.


Dormammu was born millions of years ago in a dimension filled with powerful energie creatures called the Faltine. He had a sibling called Umar and the first part of their lives they spent searching for more energie to absorb so they could become stronger and stronger. Eventually they killed their parents and were driven away from their home dimension by the other Faltine.
They took a human like form and traveled other dimensions in search of power. Eventually they found the Dark Dimension, a center between different smaller dimensions and they found a large population with many species living in peace for almost 28.000 of years. 
Against all of his advisers King Olnar, ruler of the Dark Dimension offered the brothers sanctuary and power to absorb in exchange for knowledge about how to break barriers between dimensions so he could expand his empire. 

Dormammu led the king to the dimension of the mindless ones which is a extremely dangerous place and the king and his followers were killed almost instantly after arriving. Using the distraction of what happened out there he returned as a surviving hero of the horrible journey and soon became the new ruler. He found a way of absorbing the energie of the dark dimension and his powers increases tremendously 

Much happened in his rule but the most important moment is when he tried to concur the earth. A force  creating barriers he had never felt before was able to stop him. He tried and tried but there was no passing trough the barriers of the ancient one. This is how his obsession with concurring earth starts and we all know Stephan Strange is the ancient one's prized pupil so who knows what role Dormammu will take in the first Doctor Strange movie! 

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