Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Sinister Six

The sinsister six is maybe one of my most favorite team up. Villains don’t get to team up as much as heroes. The main reason for this is simple. The bad guys don’t usually get along with each other since they’re mostly arrogant and solo fighters. 

The founder of the sinister six is doctor octopus who gathers Sandman, Kraven the hunter, Elektro, Mysterio and Volture. He promised his companions he has a excellent plan to catch the spider but can’t deliver since his plan was just to kidnap Betty Brant. By accident they also had to kidnap Aunt May which only made Spiderman furious and lead to the first defeat of the six.

Doc Ock is able to get the band back together later but Kraven made place for the Hopgoblin. This time he had a new plan but lied to his partners about his intentions. Instead of hunting the spider Ock was in it to fill his own pockets and when the group discovers the truth they set out to kill Doc Ock. Sandman who rebels the most gets turned into glass by the mad scientist and later when he’s able to take his normal form again he nearly kills Doctor Octopus. 

Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Nova,… they all went toe to toe with the group of villains and when they weren’t fighting off the heroes they were fighting each other. Doctor Octopus finally gets killed by Kaine, the clone of spiderman. After this, the few bad guys still willing to pick a fight with spidey search for new members (Beetle,  Shocker, Scorpia,..) but they never seem to manage in creating a stable and organized group. They also have changed names to the sinister seven once, and even to the sinister twelve thanks to Norman Osborn.

Still effort after effort they tried but let's get serious, Spidey won't go down easy. In the amazing spiderman franchise they started building up towards the sinister six but the movie never got trough since Disney bought the rights over spiderman from Sony. 

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