Wednesday 17 August 2016

Edwin Jarvis

Today’s post will be about Jarvis. Most of you will know him as the voice of Iron Man’s house and suit. In the movies he is brought forth as an artificial intelligence. If you’ve read the comics or watched the "agent Carter" series however you’ll he’s a real life butler! 

Edwin Jarvis is a main support character in Iron Man, the Avengers and Spiderman storylines He always plays the part of loyal butler to the Stark family. He was around in Howard’s time but still serves young master Tony in the present. 
You’d think he’s just an old man in the background of the story but that’s not true! Jarvis was a trained soldier in the US Air Force and had a military combat training in his younger years by no one else but Captain America. He also once won a American boxing championship. 
In the present day he’s old but in good shape, he does however struggle with injuries form the past in fights against Mr Hyde, and other villains who threaten the Stark Household.

In the "agent Carter" series he also appears as a butler but not the badass ex soldier from the comicbooks. In the series he rather comes forth as a very strict and harmless man. Evolving troughout the storie however he starts to get a kick out off al the danger and thus becomes Carter's trusted ally.

Fun fact: Jarvis once dated May Parker (aunt of Spidey!) in the ‘New Avengers’ storylines. This however never really became a thing since the version of Jarvis that May dated turned out to be a skrull impostor.

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