Wednesday 24 August 2016


Today's post will be about Hellcat. At first you might think 'doesn't ring a bell' but you might just recognize her name 'Patricia Walker'. Patricia is one of the main characters in the populair Jessica Jones series on Netflix! So far she hasn't become Hellcat in the series but she might in the future. Maybe Netflix used the name as a card they could play later in the series, we can only guess! What we can tell you, is what we know from the comic books about Hellcat.

The comic's start off a lot like how Patricia starts off in the Jessica Jones series. She has an abusive mother who wants Patricia to grow up being a supermodel. Her mother's greatest succes was a comic book which she made about 'Patsy Walker'. The comics were based on Patricia's life and friends. Patricia's mother gave her the creeps since she became obsessed with her private life. After more than a decade the Patsy Walker franchise came to a end.
Later Patricia married a childhood friend 'Robert Baxter' who was an officer in the air force. She moved around a lot for his job.

When her husband was away for a mission Patricia met Beast. She accidentally found out about his secret identity. Walker had idolized super heroes for a long time and Beast promised her that he would train her to be a super heroin if she could keep his identity a secret.
Later her marriage came to a bitter end and she sought out beast to remind him to his promise. At the time beast was an avenger so she could tag along with the avengers as an assistent.

On day she found an old cat suit worn by Greer Nelson in her identity as 'the cat'. Patricia claimed the suit and gave herself the name Hellcat. She didn't really had any superpowers but she had become an athletic person trough out her training.

Although she hoped to join the avengers she was asked by priestess Moondragon to follow her for a training. She was given extensive material arts training and when she returned she got an offer to join the defenders, which she did!

This is a big deal since Netflix is building up towards the defenders with their series. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones will all be a part of it so who's to say she won't join in? A lot to speculate about I think! We're glad to be able to inform you about this kind of stuff!


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