Sunday 21 August 2016

Rocket and Groot!

This post we’ll be talking about the duo Rocket Raccoon and Groot!

Let’s start off with Groot. We all know the adorable and kind tree-like giant from guardians of the galaxy but where did he come from? His home planet is planet X and the official name of his race is the Flora Colossus. On his planet they were the superieur race and every one of them was to be served by a maintenance mammal.
Other Flora colossus threaded these mammal’s as filth but Groot had a kind heart, he preferred the mammal’s over his own kind and one day when an other Flora colossus attacked his mammal Groot killed his congener in defense of the mammal. After this Groot got banished from his planet and starts to travel throughout the universe.

As for Rocket. First of all it’s fun to know the character was created by Bill Mantno who got his inspiration for the character from the song ‘rocky raccoon’ from the Beatles. His home planet is the planet Half-world in the Keystone Quadrant which was a abandoned colony for the mentally ill. Here the inmates had animal companions who were genetically enhanced so they could talk and had human like intelligence. Rocket was the planet’s chief law officer ‘ranger’ who protected the planet of many threats!

We all know the duo from the guardians of the galaxy franchise but now you also know where they come from!

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