Wednesday 10 August 2016

Luke Cage

As you may have seen we posted the official trailer of the Netflix series about Luke Cage on Facebook. I can't stress enough how good the Netflix adaptions are up until now, so be sure to watch them! Luke Cage has no history on the big screen and you can only see him a few times in the Jessica Jones series so here's a little side info about the guy.

Carl Lucas was born in Harlem. He was a troubled kid and ended up in the 'blood' street gang at early age. He helped the gang and his best buddy Willis Stryker in their fight against the 'diablo' gang and lived a pretty sinful life. Lucas went in and out of Juvenile homes until one day he realizes how much he's actually hurting his family with his lifestyle. He grows up and tries to have better life while his old friend Stryker rises in the ranks of crime lords.

Later Stryker's girl breaks up with him, afraid of his criminal activities and ends up at Lucas's side. Furious Stryker plants drugs in Lucas's apartment and Lucas ends up in jail. In prison he didn't find any rest since he became the favorite target of the sadistic guard 'Billy Bob' and the scientist Dr. Noah. Both experimented and tortured Lucas until by accident he gets his powers which are superhuman strength and durability.

Lucas escapes and decides to use his power to do good (kind of) and creates the alias Luke Cage. From this point on he was a 'hero for the hire' and you had to pay him for his actions. Which isn't really a true hero but the man needed a job.

Later he has many face off's against everybody who helped getting him in prison and he even joins the Defenders for quit a while. His arch enemy remains Stryker who later on takes the alias 'Diamondback' (and is on the cast list of the Netflix series). He is able to hurt Luke Cage with his gimmicked switchblade.

I for one am excited about the series and next Sunday we'll take a look at the Iron Fist who will also get his own series later on!

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