Sunday 10 July 2016

The Skrulls

As promised we'll be writing about the Skrulls after our last post about the Kree. These two races wage a huge war against each other in the Marvel universe and these posts are a preparation in explaining the war. 

The Skrulls are a ancient race that created a vast empire throughout the galaxy. They started out on the planet Skrullos and in their early evolutionary development a more advanced race 'the Celestials' took a few of the skrull for experimentation. Some of the subjects died, others gained mutations. The mutation was one of camouflage. They were able to take the physical appearance of other life forms as they choose. The Skrull who were able to do this called themselves 'the deviant Skrullos'. They ruled over the other skrulls and soon eradicated the other less gifted of their kind. 

Since only the deviant gene continued on planet Skrullos all skrull were now able to use their camouflage abilities. It takes a skrull a lot of concentration to keep up a different form than it's own so when they lose consciousness, sleep or die they take back their original form. 

In appearance they're green, reptile like creatures with some mammalian characteristics like hair on their head and even though their children hatch from egg's the mother wil nurture and feed the child. 

Using their abilities they concurred the planet Skrullos and soon learned how to travel in space. The mutation came of good use encountering other species and the Skrull empire grew large. They didn't show much interest in planet earth until recently. With all the heroes rising and the growing population they came to see planet earth as a threat. 

Skrull appear in many comicbooks, usually infiltrating teams like the avengers or fantastic four. They are most known for their war with the Kree. 

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