Wednesday 27 July 2016

Old Man Logan

Marvel has introduced a ton of new comic stories. A lot new and original concepts are bound to come along. They've put a 'All New Avengers' issues on the calendar also a second civil war, which is a big deal and something i'm personally very excited about. There will also come a sequel to the 'old man logan' series.

I've read the first volume (8 issues) of this story and I think it's a real 'must read' if you're looking for something different from the classic stories. Everybody who has already read the first volume will agree it isn't a soft or happy story line. It takes place in a dark world where heroes are almost extinct and the world leaders are all known villains.

I won't spoil the main story line but you should know the story starts out with an older wolverine living in terrible circumstances with his family. He is a submissive, careful man which is everything the wolverine we know isn't.
Certain events broke him and he needs to find himself again in order to get his shit together.

Like I said I won't spoil to much but I did enjoy the story a lot and if you were looking for a good read this might be the thing for you!

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