Wednesday 6 July 2016

The Kree

Our next message will be about a alien race called 'the kree'. Later this week we'll also be talking about the skrull and finally the great war in between both races. This is important information for any marvel fan because a lot of tales come forth out of this war. The inhumans, Ronan the accuser, agents of SWORD, ... all examples of important Marvel characters linked to these alien races.

The Kree is a very noble race. They are way older than man kind and have twice the strength and endurance than the average human. Originally there skin was blue and the ancient once still remain blue but within time a new generation, a lesser evil and noble generation came forth from the original Kree who have pink skin. The ancient blue Kree however do not consider these pink offsprings true Kree.

They originated from the planet Hala but soon made their way trough the galaxy with their superior technology. By the time that humans were still living in caves they had an empire across thousands of planets. Even though their original planet was Hala, the capitol of their empire was the planet Kree-Lar.

The Kree empire is ruled as a militaristic dictatorship. Their constant leader is called 'the supreme intelligence' and is actually a super advanced computer created by and with the linked minds of the most intellectual Kree.

These are the basics about the Kree race. After we've explained the Skrull race we will tell you all about how they came to war and what earth and our heroes roles were in their war.

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