Monday, 5 September 2016

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is a character most seen in the Thor stories. There hasn't been a live action movie appearance of him so far but we think he's a very interesting open subject and knowing MCU's taste for epic battles he might come up in the future.

Beta Ray Bill's story starts when he gets chosen as champion of his people the Korbinite. Their home galaxy got destroyed and it was Beta Ray Bill's duty to find a new home for his people.
One day he and his ship 'the Skuttlebutt' got on SHIELD radars. Thor got send out by SHIELD to investigate the situation.

Thor saw Beta Ray Bill was the only living creature on the ship and Beta Ray Bill was really defensive so when they saw each other they started to fight. A moment appeared in the fight where Thor lost Mjolnir and this is where the epic part starts. Beta Ray Bill tries to pick up the hammer and it works! Mjolnir finds him worthy and Beta Ray Bill gets the power of Thor, God of Thunder.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


First off. If you don't want any spoilers about the Doctor Strange movie at all, stop reading because this post might be a potential spoiler. For everybody who likes to be ahead off people, read on!    

Okay guys, this week we'll be telling you about Dormammu. This is a well known foe of Doctor Strange. The reason I chose him as a subject is because some leaked info about the MCU adaption of Doctor strange claiming that the doctor might confront Dormammu in the movie. This is kind off a big deal since we only knew about Baron Mordo being a villain in the movie so far.
If you want to read the specifics about the leaked info you can click here.

We won't be telling the whole course Dormammu took trough Marvel History since he's a big villain and appears quit a lot but We'll tell you all about his origins and how he got involved with Strange.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Sinister Six

The sinsister six is maybe one of my most favorite team up. Villains don’t get to team up as much as heroes. The main reason for this is simple. The bad guys don’t usually get along with each other since they’re mostly arrogant and solo fighters. 

The founder of the sinister six is doctor octopus who gathers Sandman, Kraven the hunter, Elektro, Mysterio and Volture. He promised his companions he has a excellent plan to catch the spider but can’t deliver since his plan was just to kidnap Betty Brant. By accident they also had to kidnap Aunt May which only made Spiderman furious and lead to the first defeat of the six.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Today's post will be about Hellcat. At first you might think 'doesn't ring a bell' but you might just recognize her name 'Patricia Walker'. Patricia is one of the main characters in the populair Jessica Jones series on Netflix! So far she hasn't become Hellcat in the series but she might in the future. Maybe Netflix used the name as a card they could play later in the series, we can only guess! What we can tell you, is what we know from the comic books about Hellcat.

The comic's start off a lot like how Patricia starts off in the Jessica Jones series. She has an abusive mother who wants Patricia to grow up being a supermodel. Her mother's greatest succes was a comic book which she made about 'Patsy Walker'. The comics were based on Patricia's life and friends. Patricia's mother gave her the creeps since she became obsessed with her private life. After more than a decade the Patsy Walker franchise came to a end.
Later Patricia married a childhood friend 'Robert Baxter' who was an officer in the air force. She moved around a lot for his job.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rocket and Groot!

This post we’ll be talking about the duo Rocket Raccoon and Groot!

Let’s start off with Groot. We all know the adorable and kind tree-like giant from guardians of the galaxy but where did he come from? His home planet is planet X and the official name of his race is the Flora Colossus. On his planet they were the superieur race and every one of them was to be served by a maintenance mammal.
Other Flora colossus threaded these mammal’s as filth but Groot had a kind heart, he preferred the mammal’s over his own kind and one day when an other Flora colossus attacked his mammal Groot killed his congener in defense of the mammal. After this Groot got banished from his planet and starts to travel throughout the universe.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Edwin Jarvis

Today’s post will be about Jarvis. Most of you will know him as the voice of Iron Man’s house and suit. In the movies he is brought forth as an artificial intelligence. If you’ve read the comics or watched the "agent Carter" series however you’ll he’s a real life butler! 

Edwin Jarvis is a main support character in Iron Man, the Avengers and Spiderman storylines He always plays the part of loyal butler to the Stark family. He was around in Howard’s time but still serves young master Tony in the present. 
You’d think he’s just an old man in the background of the story but that’s not true! Jarvis was a trained soldier in the US Air Force and had a military combat training in his younger years by no one else but Captain America. He also once won a American boxing championship. 
In the present day he’s old but in good shape, he does however struggle with injuries form the past in fights against Mr Hyde, and other villains who threaten the Stark Household.

Monday, 15 August 2016

The Iron Fist

As promised we'll be posting about the Iron Fist today. Not only is he yet again a fascinating character but he will also get his own Netflix series. You might have heard about this but after they've made his adaption there also will be a team up with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil which will be the first known super hero team up in a Marvel TV series. 

Daniel Rand is the son of Wendell Rand. His dad had an interest in the city K'un-Lun, which is an ancient city in the Himalayas that is founded by an alien race. The city was ruled by aliens called the Dragon Kings and they were subjects to their supreme ruler, the godlike Master Khan. Daniels father once saved one of the rulers of the city called Lord Tuan. The master was so thankful that he adopted Wendell and made him heir to the throne. The true son of Lord Tuan called Yu-Ti wasn't happy about this. Rand married his first wife Shakari and had a daughter called Miranda. Later on he was attacked by the jealous son Yu-Ti and his wife was killed. Filled with grief Wendell returned to civilization and lived a normal life where he later married Heather Ducan and fathered Daniel. Meanwhile in K'un-Lun Lord Tuan died and his son Yu-Ti became ruler.