Sunday, 12 March 2017


You might have heard of  her since she's a well known character but she hasn't appeared in any of the MCU movies so far. Amora the enchantress is one of the immortals that lives in Asgard.

Master sorceress Karnilla trained his pupil wel since Amora became one of the most feared magicians in whole Asgard. She uses her magic to allure man around her and poison their hearts. At first she wasn't all evil but as most marvel stories this one as well starts with Thor.
When she meets him she desires his heart and she wants him to be hers. Thor isn't interested in her and that's when she turns evil and tries to catch Thor one way or an other. How Thor can have such a love for humanity is a riddle for her and she longs for him to rule Asgard with her as his queen next to him.

The enchantress' love of manipulating others to do her will has resulted in her often teaming up with Skurge, the grim. He's hopeless in love with Amora so he does her will no matter the cost. In one story she even tries to conquer Asgard.

We'll be writing about Skurge as well in the future!


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Captain Brittain

We all know Captain America since he's one of the greatest heroes Stan Lee's ever written about but did you know the captain of stars and stripes had colleague on the other side of the sea? Captain Britain is a real character.

Brian Braddock was chosen to be the champion of the people of Great Britain. He didn't always act alone, there were days he ran with the members of Excalibur (a group of Britain heroes) to save the day. Later he learned he was one of a infinite number of Captains created to protect the multiverse. Later he succeeded to become commander of the Captain Britain Corps.
He had a brief romantic relation with a mutant called Meggan but he lost her when she sacrificed herself during the M-day events.

He also played a big part in the Secret Invasion saga's where he protects Avalon from the skrull's whom tried to invade it.

Captain Brittain

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Absorbing man

This villain isn't the most known one but it might ring a bell with you guys since he appeared on agents of SHIELD. Absorbing man! the name says it all, here's a little bit more about him.

In the comics this evil villain is created by Loki, who is off course searching for yet an other way to defeat his brother. Carl 'Crusher' Creel is an inmate with the reputation of having a temper. Loki gave him the power to absorb everything he touched. When he touched iron for instance his whole body would be made out of iron.
Soon after he got his powers he broke out of prison to fight Thor (as Loki intended). During the fight he kind off overdid it since he tried to absorb the power of the whole earth which caused him to explode.
Lucky for him and thanks to his new powers he wasn't completely defeated. Loki picked up the pieces of Carl and fixed him up. Since the first plan didn't quit worked out Loki now tried to overthrow Odin the Allfather. Odin off course defeated the Absorbing man and than banished him in outer space.

Carl appears many times in the Thor comic books but you can also find him facing off against Hulk, Spiderman and the Avengers. He even once absorbed the shield of Captain America.

Absorbing man

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Marvel's champions

Today we'll talk about a fresh new superhero team that's about to come our way. In the comic world Marvel is working hard publishing the second civil war and due this war there are bound to form new teams. Absurd or refreshing? I'll leave that to you guys but today we'll take a look at one of those new team-ups that will be called 'the champions'.

The name is not new, in the 1970's there was already a team called the champions including Ghost rider, Hercules, Angel, Ice man and their leader Black Widow. The new team will however be a complete different line up so it looks like the only thing they'll use is the name.

First of all it will be a teen team so no older guys allowed! The first hero will be Miles Morales which is a young version of Spidey. Second they'll have Nova which already known to work with Spidey. Kamala Khan will also join the team, you'll know her as Ms Marvel. A younger version of Scott Summers will join in.  Viv Vision, the synthezoid daughter of the Vision will also be there and last but certainly not least Amadeus Cho which will be a new version of the Hulk.

Interesting line up don't you think? I for one will be reading what these teen's are up too.

Marvel champions

Sunday, 19 February 2017


The last trailer of GOTG vol2 gave away that Mantis will play a role in the movie, maybe even as a guardian herself. Since this mysterious character will take a appearance in the new movie and we always like to give you guy's a head's up, here's a little something about her origins.

Mantis is the daughter of Gustav Brandt and Lua Nguyen. When she was still young she was chosen to become an alien priest of Pama, a secret sect of the Kree. She gained the name Mantis by being far out the best material artist the priests had ever seen. Later the priests enhanced her, giving her mind control powers.

When she turned eighteen the priests wiped her memory and send her to earth. The priests believed that she could turn out to be the 'celestial madonna', a supreme being they were awaiting. In order to transform in this being she first had to experience a normal human life.
Didn't turn out as classy as you'd imagine since she became a prostitute in Vietnam. Didn't take her very long to find her way out of that business and later she joined the avengers.

During her time with the Avengers she fought bravely along them. She later helps the defenders and Doctor Strange to fight mighty foes like Loki and Dormammu.

What's more interesting however is that she fights alongside Drax the destroyer in the war against Thanos. This might happen in the future MCU films. An other fun fact is that she had a thing for the vision which caused a lot of heated arguments between her and Scarlett witch.
This is something Marvel could also easily use in the movies to come.

Later her story goes further as her being the celestial Madonna.
By reading this post you at least know how she started an what Marvel might use in the future movies. I for one am curious about her in GOTG vol2!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Namor the sub-mariner

Rumor has it that Marvel is scouting Hawaii for a new film or series project. Word has it that it might be a franchise of Namor the sub-mariner.
There are no big revelations or announcements but just in case we'll be telling you a little about him.

(I've read the rumors here)

Namor is the son of a American seaman called Leonard Mckenzie. When the man by accident blew up a part of Atlantis, the King of Atlantis Thakorr sends his daughter Fen to investigate. When Leonard en Fen meet the unthinkable happens, you guessed it! They fell in love. 
Fen spend quit some time with Leonard without returning to her father and Thakorr starts to think his daughter is kidnapped. He sends a war party to kill Leonard and his whole crew.

Fen returned to Atlantis and nine months later Namor was born. 
The young prince had a nasty temper and was very hostile against humans. He blamed them for the damage done to Atlantis by his father. He isn't your usual hero since in the beginning of his story he's even kind off a bad guy. 
When the nazi's try to attack Atlantis it's the first time Namor joins forces with Captain America which doesn't go without any arguments.

The second world war didn't do any big damage to Atlantis. Later however the whole city gets destroyed by earthquakes caused by Paul Destiny who'd obtained the helmet of power, a relic of Atlantis. Both Thakorr and Fen died during the earthquakes leaving Namor in charge. 

Namor wasn't fit to rule since he lost his memories during the fall of Atlantis and when he woke up stranded on a beach he didn't even know who he was anymore. 
He lived as a hobo on the streets of New York for a while but soon someone recognized him. It was Susan Storm, the invisible girl form the Fantastic Four.
When she saw him she threw him in the sea which gave him back his memories. Maybe he was better off without them because he now declared war against humanity.

The Atlanteans saw him as the true king of Atlantis and they rebuild their city under his lead. Namor lead several attacks on New York and even took over the city for a short while but the city had their own heroes to defend her.
Most of the times it were the Fantastic Four who fought the submariner and after a while Namor began to fall in love with Susan Storm. 

Eventually Namor had to put a stop on his war against homo sapiens and become the king Atlantis deserved. He even defended the human world from a lot of treats they didn't even knew of (under water stuff). One thing is for sure. This Namor is one thug cookie, i'm curious what MCU has in store for him.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

A variety of Captains

Last week we talked about the female version of Thor and this brought me up to the idea to write a post to the various incarnations of Captain America! Here's a brief introduction to a few versions of the patriot!

Steve Rogers: 

The main Captain we all know from the MCU films. He's the face of America and the voice of reason. starting out as a army reject he takes the super soldier serum and becomes the hero we all know so well.

Isaiah Bradley:

A underground version of Captain America. The African American community call him the black Captain America. When Steve was created they tried to recreate the serum and tested their experiments on black people. Isaiah is the result of these experiments.

William Nasland:

After Steve was presumed dead William was appointed Captain America. He was the first one officially given the titel of Captain America after Steve's 'death'.

Jeffrey Mace:

William Nasland wasn't the best Captain America and died pretty soon. Jeffrey was the next in line to take the titel. Jeffrey Mace can also been seen in the current TV serie Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as the new director.

William Burnside:

After Jeffrey's retirement William Burnside took the title upon his shoulders. Unfortunately William took a rather bad copy of the serum and became delusional. He had to be locked up.

Bob Russo: 

Bob wasn't a stayer. He actually wore the title once and when he hurt himself on the job he immediately gave up.

Scar Turpin:

Scar also wore the title for one single mission. When he got a beating from a street gang called 'the road runners' he gave up.

Falcon and Bucky:

The two sidekicks both took the role upon them self but only a brief period when Steve lost his powers and when Steve was assumed death.

Dave Rickford:

Last special forces soldier Dave Rickford wore the title briefly when Steve took over as director of SHIELD.

I think we can all agree that there is only one true Captain America and that's Steve. By the looks of it many have tried but the job isn't easy, in my opinion there's only one man right for it!

Multiple Captain Americas