Sunday, 18 September 2016


Many do not know this, mainly because the films of blade were made way before the Marvel universe became such a big hit but Blad is a Marvel character!
In the movies we see him as a full fledged vampire killing machine but they never really explain his origin story. Today's post will be about how blade became the vampire hunter we all know.

Blade's mother was a prostitute who became pregnant. Having trouble during labor she was forced to search a doctor's assistance but bad luck was upon this woman since the doctor who she trusted was an imposter vampire called Deacon Frost.
When she was giving birth Frost feasted on her flesh passing on a series of enzymes that altered her baby. Since he wasn't really bitten by the vampire he became a Dhampir which gave him some of the pro's on being a vampire but non of the con's. Frost was chased away before he could kill the baby.
As you can read Eric Brooks (Blade's real name) was born in a dark and bloody world.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

World War Hulk

World War Hulk is a huge subject to write about. I won't bore you guy's with a huge post containing every little detail about the comic event but I will talk about the subject because every real Marvel fan should know about this series of comic books!

Basically the series is about Hulk facing of against almost every other Marvel hero ever written about. But how does this even start? What makes the Hulk so mad that he has the power to overthrow even professor X and the Hulk Buster?
It all starts when Hulk is banished from the planet earth by the illuminatie. He lands on a planet called 'Sakaar' where he was first enslaved as a gladiator but soon he rebelled against the masters of the planet who chained him and made a few friends who helped him. They overthrew the masters and took control and soon Hulk became king of the planet. Later he married and truly found sanctuary as his people really loved him.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Infinity Gauntlet

The infinity gauntlet! A very big deal if you're following the MCU films! We've all heard about the infinity stones in the past films, they all seem to come up and contain a huge amount of power but what if these notorious stones get combined in one bad ass glove? We'll see soon enough in the upcoming Avenger films but you can read about them right now in today's post!

As said the infinity gem's each hold a huge amount of energie. Each of them are extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Only a mad man would think of putting them all together! Or should i say, a mad Titan. Thanos was the one who took the collected the stones by taking them from the Elders of the universe who carried them. At least, that's how it goes in the comic books. In the MCU film's we got them spread all over! One in the vaults of Nova Prime (The one Starlord took from Ronan), One on Asgard (the Tesserect), One on vision's forehead,... They're playing the scene a little different but the heat is bound to turn on!

underneath you can read what the gem's specifically can do:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Fictional Metals

Today we'll take a look at the fictional metals whom appear throughout the different marvel universes. There might be a ton more but we'll be writing about the legendary ones whom are extremely rare.


This natural ore is able to manipulate energie. it is assumed to be a alien and was found after a meteor crashing on earth in the city of Wakanda. The people of Wakanda weaponized it and the metal is most known for Captain Amerika's shield and Black Panther's suit.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is a character most seen in the Thor stories. There hasn't been a live action movie appearance of him so far but we think he's a very interesting open subject and knowing MCU's taste for epic battles he might come up in the future.

Beta Ray Bill's story starts when he gets chosen as champion of his people the Korbinite. Their home galaxy got destroyed and it was Beta Ray Bill's duty to find a new home for his people.
One day he and his ship 'the Skuttlebutt' got on SHIELD radars. Thor got send out by SHIELD to investigate the situation.

Thor saw Beta Ray Bill was the only living creature on the ship and Beta Ray Bill was really defensive so when they saw each other they started to fight. A moment appeared in the fight where Thor lost Mjolnir and this is where the epic part starts. Beta Ray Bill tries to pick up the hammer and it works! Mjolnir finds him worthy and Beta Ray Bill gets the power of Thor, God of Thunder.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


First off. If you don't want any spoilers about the Doctor Strange movie at all, stop reading because this post might be a potential spoiler. For everybody who likes to be ahead off people, read on!    

Okay guys, this week we'll be telling you about Dormammu. This is a well known foe of Doctor Strange. The reason I chose him as a subject is because some leaked info about the MCU adaption of Doctor strange claiming that the doctor might confront Dormammu in the movie. This is kind off a big deal since we only knew about Baron Mordo being a villain in the movie so far.
If you want to read the specifics about the leaked info you can click here.

We won't be telling the whole course Dormammu took trough Marvel History since he's a big villain and appears quit a lot but We'll tell you all about his origins and how he got involved with Strange.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Sinister Six

The sinsister six is maybe one of my most favorite team up. Villains don’t get to team up as much as heroes. The main reason for this is simple. The bad guys don’t usually get along with each other since they’re mostly arrogant and solo fighters. 

The founder of the sinister six is doctor octopus who gathers Sandman, Kraven the hunter, Elektro, Mysterio and Volture. He promised his companions he has a excellent plan to catch the spider but can’t deliver since his plan was just to kidnap Betty Brant. By accident they also had to kidnap Aunt May which only made Spiderman furious and lead to the first defeat of the six.