Sunday 4 December 2016

Brazil Comic-Con CCXP 2016

Hi guys,

This years Brazil Comic-Con (1-4/12/2016) had some treats for us Marvel fans!

Brazil Comic-Con 2016

If you haven't seen it already director James Gunn revealed a teaser for the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

other news about GotG Vol. 2, Kurt Russell will Play Ego The Living Planet. The planet can assume control humanoid vessels and this is also how he will appear in the movie.

Now we still have to wait 151 days till the movie is released but it's something I'm looking forward to!

Sony also revealed a new Spiderman Homecoming costume.

Spiderman Homecoming Screen

The costume showed of some kind of web wings under his arms like in the comics.

Spiderman webwings
Below the Teaser they showed in Brasil

Sadly we couldn't be there our selves, but I hope you'd like the post.

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