Thursday 27 April 2017


We've already reviewed the movie 'X-men Apocalypse' where I stated that I believe they killed him off way to easily since he's only one of the biggest badass bad guy Marvel knows. The next movie is rumored toe be called 'X-men the dark phoenix' which could very well be true since they gave us a glimpse of the phoenix in the Apocalypse franchise.

Born nearly 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Apocalypse is one of the earliest known mutant humans. As "En Sabah Nur" or "the first one" he traveled the world for thousands of years, creating wars to test which nations were strongest, he was worshipped as a god.
In the 20th  century he decided -you guessed it- that mutants were superior to humans and he believes it's but a matter of time before humans will extinct. He's more than willing to help nature a hand in that matter.

This is how he often battled the X-men and X-factor, who were dedicated to peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants.
Through his extreme long life his body eventually wears out and since that day he travels from one host body to an other from time to time.
In the comic 'Age of Apocalypse' he's able to conquer North America and enslave the whole human population before Magneto kills him.

A bit more spectacular than the teenager team-up against him in the last movie I would say. I believe it's hard to introduce and defeat such major bad guy's in one movie, so my expectations are high for the two parts franchise of the avengers agains Thanos!

Wednesday 19 April 2017


Today I'll tell you a little something about Leader. A well known villain in the Marvel comics and he's hidden in a Easter egg in the Incredible Hulk franchise (get it? easter..).

Samuel Stern dropped out of school and started working in a US government research facility. During the job an accident accused during work and he got bombarded by intense gamma radiation. Because of this accident Stern gained an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
As his intelligence expanded so did his brain. Sadly his increased intellectual capacity was not matched by emotional maturity. He hated government corruption and thought it was his job to rule the human race, hence his codename Leader.

Over the years he did many efforts to actually become the world leader without success. Hulk is the hero who's always able to shut his plans down.

In the Incredible Hulk you'll notice that Stern is doctor 'red' who tries to cure Banner from his radiation. When he betrays Banner by helping the abomination a few drips of Banner's blood drip on his head and you can even see his brain grow for a few seconds.

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Legion, my honest opinion.

Hey everybody, today I'll be talking about the series Legion. Originally I wasn't going to watch the series until later but since I read a lot of strong opinions about it I went along and watched it anyway.

Before you read further you should be aware this post contains spoilers and I'll be telling you my own opinion so it'll be my view on the series which very well could be a whole different view of yours. This doesn't mean one of us is wrong, it just means we experienced it differently.

When I started watching it didn't make a lot of sense to me. The storyline was very vague and it was exhausting to keep track with what was actually happening and what was a hallucination of David. As the series evolved it got a lot more interesting getting to know the other characters and learning about what's actually wrong with David but I have to say I found the storyline very slow.

A lot of things happened for no reason and didn't add a lot to the story. As an example the doctor, You see a lot of fragments of David's memory where he went to a psychologist. They spend a lot of time trying to find out what happened there and what he did to the doctor. When they finally find the doctor it turns out to be a set up and the bad guy's are there waiting for them but that doesn't take away we still don't know what happened.
Same story goes for his adoptive dad who used to read abusive stories to David when he was a child. The cartoon of 'the angriest boy ever' is used as a version of Farouk The Shadow King throughout the whole story but apart from that we don't really get to see the end of the story. Was his adoptive dad abusive? Were the times he read the stories hallucinations as well?

I did like the part where David was trapped by Farouk but his sub consciousness creates a different version of himself and the two David's come to learn about how to properly wage a mind control war.

I'm left with a lot of questions. What's the deal with Oliver, I'm guessing we'll learn a lot more about his gifts in season two? The Lenny we saw first in the looney bin, she was real right? Syd could see her so she must have been but than again other people claimed she was a guy the whole time? What was that all about?

Basically if found it a little bit much. I was waiting for a grand finally but it didn't really came. I had a hard time keeping track and I didn't enjoyed it as much as I'd hoped.
I'm not saying it's a bad series, I imagine a lot of people did enjoy it but it wasn't really my thing. That doesn't take away that I hope you'll enjoy it if you consider watching it!

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Davos (the steel serpent)

Again an Iron fist post, I know but hey! We have to keep up with the new stuff right? Again, if you haven't watched the series you might want to wait out on this post!

As you've seen Davos is one of the brothers Danny had in K'un-Lun. Soon you kind off see how he envies Danny and really doesn't understand how he didn't become the Iron Fist. He has no feelings for humanity and sees Danny as an idiot for abandoning his post at the gates of K'un-Lun.
Seeing this I thought there might be more about this character so I looked him up. After reading a great deal about him I think we'll see a lot more of him in the future series.

In the comics Davos isn't able to get over the fact that he isn't the Iron fist and eventually he goes to the dragon Shou-Lao to challenge him. This is strictly forbidden by his father Lei Kung who is also the ruler of K'un-Lun. There is only supposed to be one Iron Fist and the chosen one can challenge the dragon, nobody els.
Davos gains the power of the Fist but is banished by his father. He than goes to earth blaming Danny for all of his misery. He called himself 'the steel serpent'.

Sounds like something that could happen don't you think? Could it be that Davos is the one who ruined K'un-Lun at the end of the series? I guess we'll see in the future series.

Sunday 2 April 2017

Daughters of the dragon

Today's post we'll talk about something that happened in the Iron Fist series. If you haven't seen it yet you might want to skip this post!

We want to talk about Colleen Wing who's one of the main characters. In the beginning of the series she participates in these cage fights for some extra cash. When the host of the fights presents her she chooses 'the daughter of the dragon' as her fighter nickname. I went out and looked it up and found something that might be a thing in the future defenders series.

There is a team up called 'the daughters of the dragon'. Colleen is part of the team but the second member is Misty Knight who was one of the main characters in the previous 'Luke Cage' franchise. The fact that these two were brought forth as main characters in both series could mean that the team up might really happen!

I for one hope these two badass women will kick ass together on television in the future.

Thursday 30 March 2017

Nelson, Foggy

You might've heard off Foggy since he's one of the main characters in the Netflix series of Daredevil. Today we'll throw a light on the comic version of Foggy.

Foggy's story starts as the roommate of Matt Murdock at Colombia University and Harvard Law School. Matt became his best friend but Foggy never knew about the powers Matt possessed.
When they graduated they opened Nelson & Murdock, a law firm in Hell's Kitchen. But when the kingpin learns who Matt really is they close the firm and Foggy goes out on his own. After opening his own firm for a brief while he learns about Matt's secret.

They had their bit of discussions but decided to re open Nelson and Murdock. This time they primarily focus on clients with supernatural problems. The firm appeared in many comics as a save haven for heroes who get sued by innocent bystanders or the government.

Who knows, maybe Foggy and Matt in the Netflix series find a way to work together in the future seasons.

Picture of Foggy Nelson

Wednesday 22 March 2017


You might not know about this guy but I first read about him in the deadpool and cable series and I totally dig him! Hopefully there will come some kind of movie appearance about this Tarzan like character but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!

Son of British nobleman Lord Robert Plunder (the discoverer of vibranium by the way), Ka-Zar grew up in the Antarctic 'Savage Land'. His dad got murdered by the hands of Man-Apes and Ka-Zar was left alone in the wilderness.
Zabu the intelligent sabertoothed tiger raised the boy to become a man. In the savage land dinosaurs and man apes were still a fact and Ka-Zar learned to live amongst these ruthless creatures.

His arch enemy is his brother 'Parnival' and later during his story he marries Shanna the she- devil and becomes father of a son 'Matthew'.

He's most known as side character in other stories since a lot of villains use the savage land as a secret location for their hideout. Heroes would try to find them only to bounce up against some dinosaurs. Ka-Zar would be the mysterious man who saves the heroes by defeating the monsters that blocked their way.

Image of Ka-Zar